SUPERNATURAL | s05e08 | Changing Channels

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SUPERNATURAL | s07e23 | Survival of the Fittest

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I really really like your blog. I'm a theatre and graphic artist, and it's been a great source for palette possibilities.

:D Thank you; I’m glad I’ve been of help!

GAME OF THRONES | s01e05 | The Wolf and the Lion

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GAME OF THRONES | s01e01 | Winter is Coming

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TEEN WOLF | s01e11 | Formality

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LUTHER | s01e01 | Episode 1

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100+ followers!

Wow, I dump a few palettes here, turn around for a few days, and then come back to 117 followers :’D You all are the best!

I take requests (my ask box is open, and you can submit pictures/links/etc.); keep in mind, however, that I do my best to use high-quality screencaps.  Anything on Home of the Nutty or The Medusa Cascade is fair game, and I’ve also found good screencaps for Game of Thrones and Sherlock.  You’re definitely not limited to only what’s available there, though.

There are a few reasons why I may not fulfill a request:

  • I can’t find good screencaps,
  • the image quality isn’t good enough, or
  • the colors in the still just don’t lend themselves well to a palette.

Regarding the last point, that usually happens for one of two reasons: (1) the colors are all pretty much the same, or (2) there isn’t enough contrast.  (There’s only so much you can do with image adjustments, and I try not to make too many changes other than brightness/vibrance anyway.)

That’s pretty much it :D I also run Sound Palettes, which are just my personal interpretations of individual songs.

Thanks for the support!

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TEEN WOLF | s01e04 | Magic Bullet

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GLEE | s03e02 | I Am Unicorn

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